Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cards for a Friend for the Little Hands Challenge Blog

The twins have a friend with a birthday on Saturday.  We aren't going to make it to the party, but the girls wanted to make cards to take to school tomorrow.  Since starting Crafting with Kids Challenge I've been on the look out for other kid crafting challenges.  Last month I discovered Little Hands Challenge blog.  Their theme this month is perfect fit for our birthday cards. 

Their challenge is to make a card for a friend.  So here are the birthday cards the girls made.....
Bailey's Princess and Cupcake card

Addy's Rapunzel Cupcake card
We are very much into Princesses right now and I was working on some Cupcake invitations last night.  Put those two things together and you have their own birthday card creations. 

So if you have some kids that like to craft check out Little Hands Challenge Blog and my own Crafting with Kids Challenge that I have going now.  Spring break will be a great time to spend some time crafting with your kids.

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  1. So glad you were able to join us! I also have 2 addition to my twin boys so I do remember the princess stage! I am sure their friend will love their cards.